Who is Sam Sandler:

Sam Sandler is a dynamic and passionate entertainer! Sam has performed over 6000 live shows through out the country from Montana to Puerto Rico and every where in between. From the Tropicana Casino to the Academy of music, TV, and many major corporations - too many to list. GM, CarSense, City of phila, Sunoco, and more.

Are you looking for a program that:

  • Is Spectacular
  • Proven to be entertaining
  • Gets the audience involved
  • Gears the show for the audience performing for
  • Provides a large show for a very reasonable cost

"Sandler's a professional magician who combines magic and comedy in a family-oriented show so fast-paced it will leave you gasping. Maybe from the sheer enjoyment radiated by the illusionist, Maybe from his illusions, maybe from the way he draws the audience into the show, maybe from the pace itself but, most likely, from all of the above."

- Jon Connally, The Mercury Newspaper

What does Sam's show provide:

Sam Sandler presents a unique style of magic, illusion, and comedy that is enjoyable for all audiences. Sam's high-energy magic enhanced with music and the personal flare he adds to the comedy creates an experience you soon will not forget.

Inviting audience members onto stage for some one on one magic is always one of the highlights of Sam's show.

There are two ways to host Sam Sandler

  1. Sam by himself with a show that runs approximately 60 minutes.
  2. Sam with his lovely assistant -This show includes several Grand illusions such as Harry Houdini's Metomorphis, the vertical sawing in half of Sams assistant and an incredible escape. There are a few more, but hey we don't want to tip our hat to all that we have in store for you. Shows can be tailored to run 60 minutes, 70 minutres or Approximately 90 minutes.

Each show can be tailored to meet your needs, time and bugdet!

The Facility

The performance can be held in an auditorium, gymnasium, ballroom, or Banquet room. To perform a full stage show with assistant, performing area needs to be about 15' deep x 20' wide. Sam needs a 12' clearance above stage. Smaller area can be used when you are hosting Sam by himself.

How to host Sam Sandler

Contact our office to ask any questions you may have: (888) 811-4123.

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