Top 5 Reasons to Work with Sam


Sam brings a show that is DEAFinitely different than your average magic show. Hilarious comedy and Amazing magic are just the beginning. Sam seems to have a way to resonate with his audiences beyond the magic as he shares powerful and dynamic stories of his overcoming immeasurable brokenness. With his new found Joy he will make you laugh like you have not laughed before and will inspire you to draw closer to God and deepen your relationship with Him.  Let Sam help make your next event unforgettable!

Custom Tailored

While Sam has a core to his shows that will always wow his audiences, he prides himself in talking with each client to find their needs and desires for their event. Large or small matters not as each event and each audience is different and Sam has a keen understanding of this.  He will tailor his show or guest speaking to make sure it connects with your audience. Be it a men’s retreat, family conference or your Sunday morning service.


After more than 9000 live shows and speaking events in 45 states Sam has perfected the blend of magic and comedy with awe-inspiring stories, but he did it his way. While most magicians and entertainers strive to be like everyone else Sam set his goals on being unique and providing his clients with a performance that no one else can recreate. You’re not just getting another magic show you are getting The Hilarious Magic of Sam Sandler- America’s premier Deaf magician and national speaker!

Trusted and Integrity

What do Sandy Cove Ministries, Merk, Lockheed Martin, Jews for Jesus, Purdue University, McLean Bible Church, Sesame Place, over 1500 schools in 40+ states and the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians have in common? They have all placed their trust in Sam to provide a spectacular event that will entertain and inspire their guests. Sam still believes in common sense and that respect is earned.  For more than 20  years in thousands of shows Across America Sam’s clients have relied on him to provide a spectacular show and or speaking event where your audience will not only enjoy the show but more importantly provided the tools to build a deep intimate relationship with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Easy to Work with

Sam fully understands that he is coming to your event to not only entertain and inspire you and your community, but he realizes that he is there to serve you and your guests. In the entertainment business many magicians and comedians feel they are there to be served instead of serving. Sam is told over and over again how easy it was to work with him and how much they enjoyed every step of the process from first contact to the goodbyes after the show. We are confident you will feel the same way. We look forward to serving you and your guests by providing a spectacular show. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you create a successful and life changing event.

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