“We all face brokenness, but we are not meant to live broken lives.”

untitled-34So many people are hurting in today’s world and seeking out ways to overcome the hurt, the pain, the confusion, the brokenness. The problem is that they are looking in all the wrong places.  They believe the lies of the world that so easily deceive them. Every day Churches face the challenge of looking for unique ways to draw those in need and those seeking truth to walk through their doors and experience the amazing truth of God’s love.  For more than 25 years Sam has presented thousands of spectacular live events across the country however he does more than just entertain. He unleashes the truth of God’s love with audiences of all ages, destroying those lies and unveiling the truth and awesomeness of how God wants to have a personal relationship with them and heal their brokenness.

Breaking through the deceptions and false hope people face each day revealing the key to experiencing joy in the midst of brokenness, which is developing a deep intimate relationship with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Sam reminds you and your audience that you need to define yourself as Radically Wholeheartedly loved by God—every other identity is just an Illusion!

And God is looking for a repentant radically reliant heart to call home!


You ask yourself how exactly how does Sam do this, with magic of course. However this is so much more than just a magic show. Sure you will witness incredible illusions such as the impossible production of a person out of thin air or birds appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye, incredible escapes, and then there is the comedy- oh how you are your audience will laugh and laugh out loud, but this show goes so much further.  More than an entertainer, more than a speaker, Sam has a heart to share stories of his own brokenness and how through his faith he has been able to overcome the hurt, the loneliness, and pain of believing the lies of this world. Beyond the magic Sam takes you and your audience into a world of wonder as he shares his awe inspiring stories of how God has been faithful to heal his brokenness and restore his soul. God wants the same for you and those in attendance.

Sam is so looking forward to the opportunity to not only entertain but more importantly inspire you and your community to restore their child like faith and to experience the true Joy one can have through a deep intimate relationship with God.

As hundreds of thousands of others have already done, now it’s your turn to experience jaw dropping illusions and a life changing message.


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