untitled-99.jpgWhether Sam is speaking to an audience of a few hundred or several thousand an audience large or small matters not, Sam has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel as though he is speaking directly to them.

A guest speaker at your Sunday morning service, the key note speaker for your next conference, your Upward Sports program speaker, or even at your summer camp, Sam will tailor his inspirational motivational talks so that they resonate with the audience before him. Using his experience of overcoming insurmountable odds through his faith in God Sam motivates individuals and organizations to achieve greater victory through a deep intimate relationship with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

“Sam has an incredible show that wows every one of all ages, but it was his moving testimony and his powerful and impactful way of communicating the truths of God during both our Sunday morning services that our church was most impressed with.”

Pastor Joe Snyder

Keystone Fellowship Skippack

Sam shares awe inspiring stories, and uses humor to educate audiences while keeping them engaged. He also tailors his speaking events to fit the needs of his audiences in a memorable and motivating way, breaking through the deceptions and false hope people face each day revealing the key to experiencing joy in the midst of brokenness.

Sam reminds you and your audience that you need to define yourself as Radically Wholeheartedly loved by God—every other identity is just an Illusion!

And God is looking for a repentant radically reliant heart to call home!


“I want to thank you again for your message on Sunday morning, it was wonderful! Indeed, the Lord is using you in a mighty way! Praise God and praise you for enduring and living by faith through your many trials! Your Saturday evening program was excellent–so much fun and so entertaining! It was a very joyful evening!


Our church is experiencing a difficult passage and this is why your message Sunday morning was so appropriate! Your message: “I don’t understand what or why this is happening but I’m going to trust you;” and “Faithfulness now–fulfillment in his timing” were so helpful! Also, “radically, wholeheartedly loved by God who loves us unconditionally” was so wonderful to hear!
May God continue to bless you!”

Ray Meute, Jr.
Avondale Presbyterian Church

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