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This thread looks and feels like thread because it is actually thread.  It is treated with a super bright UV reactive pigment that is very bright even without a black light! I personally make each spool of thread to ensure they are all super bright.

You get approx. 250 feet of this super bright easy to break thread that will indeed enhance your gypsy thread routine.  Along with your purchase you will receive written info on care and storage along with information on black light options.

You also receive a video link with Sam teaching his guaranteed NO TANGLE set up method and a few Pro tips.

Sam has performed his “Thread of life” in well over 2000 shows and has worked out every detail from no tangle set up to a simple yet powerful black light system.

“Sam I use your thread every night.”

-Alain Choquette–Inventor of Glow Thread

Sam Sandler performing His Thread of Life (Glow thread)

  • “Sam’s thread is amazing; I switched immediately from what I was using. It has a brilliant colour and the glow makes the thread look so thick. All the research and work put into this product has allowed Sam to produce the ultimate ‘UV thread’ Congratulations on a truly stunning product.”  -Mark Shortland


  • “Sam performed his Gypsy Thread routine for us at the Magi-Fest and I thought it was great. The thread he makes and uses is top-notch and super bright.”


 Joshua Jay

Price $25 each or 2 for $40

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