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“The Magic of the Cross” Gospel Illusion!

“Sam Sandler’s Magic of the Cross is one of the most powerful gospel illusions available.  Not only because of the routine and the wonderful story of salvation it delivers, but also because of the image it produces of that cross becoming the bridge that is all we need.  Through Sam Sandler’s Magic of the Cross illusion, you provide an image of salvation that will stay in the minds and hearts of those in the audience long after the show ends.  This is what gospel magic is meant to be.“

 ~ Joey Evans – FCM International President

–Each Cross and set of Blocks are custom handmade- many hours go into making each set to ensure the highest quality.  The 20″ cross breaks down into 2 pieces to help pack small and still play big.


You receive:

1-20″ cross (two pieces)

3-4″ blocks

2-6′ pieces of high grade super soft rope

1-flash drive with performance video and video instructions

Plus pro tips and other ideas

I have personally inspected and worked with this illusion. It is very nice and exactly the kind of thing I think many performers are looking for as a feature piece in their gospel programs. You will be happy with the quality and how well it works to share the gospel. Thank you Sam for putting this on the market!           

  -Duane Laflin

The magic of the Cross-By Sam Sandler

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Dimensions 16 × 21 × 7 in

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